Essays and Reviews

Here is a selection of Leo’s critical essays and reviews, focusing on contemporary anthropological theory:

Review of Andrew Bauer and Mona Bhan’s Climate Without Nature: A Critical Anthropology of the Anthropocene (2018), in American Anthropologist.

A review essay on William Mazzarella’s Mana of Mass Society (2017) in Anthropological Quarterly

Recent (2016) ethnographies on the materiality of biopolitics, and human dignity, reviewed in Somatosphere.

Psychoanalytic object-relations theory, WInnicott, and the 2016 US Presidential Election: a timely essay for Somatosphere.

Thoughts-in-progress on corporate personhood and the anthropology of collective life are outlined in this online essay on recent US Supreme Court jurisprudence.

Review of Vincent Descombes, The Institutions of Meaning (Chicago, 2014), published on Somatosphere.

Review Essay on Paul Rabinow’s The Accompaniment (2012), published in Anthropological Quarterly (login required)

Review of Maurice Godelier, The Metamorphoses of Kinship (Verso, 2011), published on Somatosphere.

Review of Paul Allen, The Omnivorous Mind (2011), published in the Wall Street Journal.